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Protect Home Investments With Professional Termite Control

Since homes represent a huge investment, it only makes sense that owners take whatever steps are needed to keep them from being damaged. In the Bundaberg area, termites are, arguably, the most serious threat facing most homes. There are several steps that can help prevent termites, or white ants, from gaining a foothold. The first step is to recognise the fact that professional termite control provides the best protection. Average homeowners are not trained in the strategies needed to rid their property of these pests. When infestations are present, they can be difficult for even the professionals to eliminate, so the best protection is prevention.

SureSafe termite control experts recommend a few steps property owners should take to minimise the chances of termites finding paths into their homes. While they seem like common sense precautions, many people simply forget how easy it can be to invite termites into their homes.

1. Eliminate all water sources around the home.

Termites require a water source to survive. When homeowners eliminate all water sources, they create an environment that is not welcoming. Bundaberg’s termite control specialists recommend that no water be allowed to stand in areas around foundations. That means sloping the ground so that water drains away from the home. The experts also suggest that any leaking pipes be repaired quickly, as even a small puddle can quickly attract termites. Any water, even the small amount that drains from air conditioning units, needs to be eliminated.

2. Get rid of any wood or soil that forms a path to the home.

Piling wood against the side of a home is like sending an engraved invitation to termites. Even indirect paths, like fences or pergolas, that touch a structure provide an easy path for termites to follow. Termites need both water and wood to survive, and piling wood against the side of a home provides both, as the soil beneath the wood will remain moist for long periods.

3. Have the ground around a home treated with an approved termiticide.

Seek out the best termite control in Bundaberg, and listen carefully to their advice. Different homes require different types of treatment, and professional termite control services will inspect the property and offer suggestions tailored to meet the home’s needs. Different types of chemicals or barriers may be recommended. Ask what products will be used, as not all share the same success rates. The company should use brands of termite control products like Bayer, Termidor and Premis Altis. If they want to use another brand, ask why they favour those brands over the top ones commonly used.

If a homeowner sees any evidence of termites, it is critical that a pest control specialist is called immediately. Emergency termite control steps can eliminate the infestation, reducing the risk of further damage. The pest experts recommend that homeowners do nothing that disturbs the termites, as they tend to migrate if they feel threatened, making it that much harder to find and eradicate all of them.

A complete termite inspection in Bundaberg every twelve months will help to control all pests that threaten a home. Termite control, however, is at the top of the list of pests that must be eliminated to protect a home’s value. If your home has not been inspected recently, pest control experts should be contacted to protect your home investment.

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Termites (also known as white-ants) are all over Australia causing millions of damage to homes everywhere they can find food. The problem is so bad that insurance companies will not cover termite damage in your home. This means that if your house is infested with termites, you are going to have pay to have them removed and to have the damage repaired.

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