Pest Control that's safe for the whole family.
The chemicals we use for our pest control services have been proven to be safe for use around children and pets. However, spiders and bugs won't like it.
Suresafe Staff
Locally owned and operated.
We love the region and love to provide local businesses and residents with our old fashioned service. We love to keep it local.
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Termite Control

Have you found live termites In your house? It is critical you, don't disturb the termites any further and call us immediately.

Termite Barriers

It is more cost effective to protect your home with a termite barrier before the damage is done. Choose from 3 types of chemically treated barriers.

Pest Control

Have a problem with creepy crawlies? Eliminate spiders, cockroaches and insects with a professional general pest control treatment.

Offering effective, safe, and trusted
solutions for all your pest problems.

Suresafe Pest Management was founded with a simple philosophy and that was to provide effective, long lasting and affordable termite protection to all homes and commercial properties in the Wide Bay Burnett region. We have delivered products and services for over 28 years that have set new standards in both termite and pest control throughout Bundaberg and surrounding areas. Our range of products and services have been protecting over 8000 homes in our local area since 1985.

Our clients trust Suresafe Pest Management and know we are the experts in dealing with termites and all other types of pests.  Suresafe services include fast effective treatments to: 

Pest control treatments for cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, wasps and other pests including Bird control – Termite inspections – Termite treatments – Termite baiting systems – Termite Reticulation barriers – Termite chemical barriers – Termite barriers for new construction – Termite barriers for renovation.

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