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Build With The Best Pre-Construction Termite Barriers In Bundaberg

The reality is that at least thirty percent (30%) of all homes in Australia will suffer from subterranean termite infestation. These averages mean that one in three buildings will have an infestation of termites each year, causing costly charges for property owners. Those in the building trades know that this infestation can cause structural damage to domestic and commercial properties. Most importantly, the physical damage caused by termites can weaken a building to the point of being too dangerous to live in or enter.

  • All builders should be aware that the Building Code of Australia or BCA, as well as the Australian Standard AS3660.1-2000 has determined in regard to termite barriers for builders the following must take place:
  • All new homes and all homes that are undergoing renovation will partake in some form of termite protection or termite management system to deter subterranean termites.
  • The termite control system used must meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Australian Standard AS3660.1-2000 to be considered effective.
  • Proof of these performance actions must be met with evidence in the form of documentation for the building certification standards to be satisfied.
  • Until a home is certified as having met these regulations, temporary or permanent occupation can not legally take place.

For successful termite barriers installed during construction to be effective, builders must work with their pest control expert to make sure both chemical and/or physical means of termite control are applied.

  • In Part A, these will be applied as a barrier before the slab has been poured or in “pre-slab” phase of construction.
  • In Part B, additional chemical and/or physical products will be used around the perimeter of the house at varying stages during the building process.

Elements of the installation process may differ due to the structure being built and the terrain on which it is being built on. This is why it is imperative to call in a professional team experienced in termite management and control immediately. They can inspect any property and make knowledgeable suggestions during the pre-planning stages before any construction is to begin in earnest.

The firm of SureSafe Pest Management is known as specialists in the business of commercial and domestic termite control. Their team can construct a Bundaberg builders termite barrier that meets all formal standards and regulations for certification. In addition to providing an estimate before beginning their work, their teams utilise the finest and most effective products currently in use from such well-respected companies as Kordon, Premise and Altis Termidor.

In particular, Kordon Termite Barriers in Bundaberg have proven to be superior in their ability to protect homes in Australia. SureSafe Pest Management also enjoys using Kordon Termite products because of the assurance it provides the building industry. When a Kordon Termite Barrier is installed, that house is granted a free Bayer Protect Warranty during its first year. After the first year of installation, a Bayer Protect Warranty can be renewed on an annual basis for the life of the building. This is applicable if termite control professionals like the team at SureSafe carry out a yearly timber pest inspection. With these actions, any and all termite infestation is completely covered. Only Kordon offers a termite warranty as comprehensive as this with their termite barriers.

The team from SureSafe Pest Management has experience applying the best pre-construction termite barriers in Bundaberg for builders of both domestic and commercial structures. 

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At Suresafe Pest Management we provide termite protection for pre-construction of new houses to all types of commercial buildings. We have trained and experienced local staff who can apply safe and environmentally friendly treatments to keep termites out of buildings and comply with National and local regulations.

  • Servicing the needs for registered Residential Builders, Commercial Builders and Owner Builders
  • Physical Barriers
  • Chemical impregnated Plastic membrane barriers
  • Reticulated chemical barrier

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