The Altis Termite Reticulation System

The Altis Termite Reticulation System

The Altis Termite Reticulation System was invented in 1992 some 22 years ago.  It is one of the oldest Reticulation Systems in Australia.  Australia leads the world in this form of Termite Management Systems.

It was the first Reticulation System to be listed on the product label of a termiticide.  It is is the only system which uses emitters to distribute termiticide. All other systems in the market use pipes with holes drilled in them. The emitters are flow rated devices implanted in the delivery lines of the system at the time of manufacture of the pipe.  They also act as a filter, a back flow preventer and prevent grit and rubble, insects and other materials from entering the system. Thus making Altis a system which can deliver termiticide at very precise rates evenly and thoroughly throughout the entire system.

There are a number of other firsts:-

It is the only reticulation system which can deliver chemical:-

  • 100 metres from a pump point (using a double manifold) This means that the system can effectively treat the external perimeter of most residences from the one pump up point.
  • On sloping sites with up to 5 metres in height difference.
  • Without the need to balance multiple lines making it more foolproof than any other system and also enabling placement of pump up points in unobtrusive locations.
  • At low pressure.  Input pressure is 100  KPA, however, the emitters are designed to create a “Typhoon” like effect which pushes the termiticide mix out of the system at a measured rate of 2.7 litres per Hour from each emitter.
  • Onto a 150mm wide perforated plastic sheet to ensure that a 150mm wide chemical horizontal barrier is achieved as required by Australian Standard AS 3660.
  • Using slip lock fittings which provide a simple, secure and speedy way to connect the system around the area being protected  Altis has a unique 45/135 degree joiner for angled corners including Bay Windows.
  • Altis is THE PREMIUM RETICULATION SYSTEM.  It is accurate in its delivery of Termiticides.  It can be fitted into any site unobtrusively and is a cost effective way of providing security from termite attack.  Subsequent retreatment of the property at 5 yearly intervals is non-disruptive and there is no damage to gardens or concreted/tiled areas because no trenching or drilling is required.
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