Kordon & Premise


Kordon Termite Barrier has been installed into homes in Australia for over 15 years. Did you know Kordon is the only product which has over 20 years of real, in field trial data? Testing carried out by the CSIRO in various regions that harbour the most damaging species of termite in Australia; the results prove that Kordon has never been breached in this time.

Each new home which has Kordon installed will receive a Bayer Protect Warranty FREE for the first year, Bayer Protect is renewable annually for the life of the structure, as long as you have a timber pest inspection carried out by one of our professionals here at Suresafe, this will cover you for any damage which is caused by termite infestation NO MATTER how it occurs, there is no other termite warranty system that is as comprehensive as Bayer Protect.

Here at Suresafe, we do not take chances, especially with the products that we use. Pre-construction Termite Control is very specialised, our technicians are trained to the highest standard, all complying with strict Bayer/Kordon policies, we are local to the Bundaberg Region and fully understand the types of construction that are used here, we are also very aware of the damaging species of termite which frequently infest homes in the area, which is why you should trust Suresafe and Kordon Termite Barrier to keep termites out of your new home!


Don’t worry if you have a home built prior to physical termite barriers being introduced (prior to 2001), here at Suresafe we specialise in post construction termite barriers, again we do not compromise on the quality of the products we install. Suresafe Pest Management in conjunction with Bayer – Premise Termiticide will ensure your home is protected using only the safest and well-established product on the market.

Premise by Bayer was introduced in the USA in 1996, shortly thereafter it was launched in Australia and has been protecting homes here ever since there have been no recorded failures attributed to Premise Termiticide. Premise is also one of the safest termiticides known to pest controllers, you can rest easy knowing that Premise will not harm either you or your Bundaberg pest control technician installing the chemical soil barrier.

The non-repellent chemistry that Premise comprises of ensures you will have the best chance against termite attack, as the termites are infected with Premise they will groom each other, unwittingly passing the product between themselves, therefore infecting each other, this will cause more termites to die than what was initially in contact with Premise. We pride ourselves in being able to offer Bayer Protect to Premise installations in the Bundaberg Region!

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