Termite Barriers

Preventing Termite Infestations in Your Home: 3 Chemical Termite Barriers That Work

Termite barriers are a highly effective way to keep destructive subterranean termites from entering your Bundaberg home. It’s much easier–and less costly–to prevent a termite infestation than it is to treat one that already exists. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Chemical termite barriers in Bundaberg and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Non-Repellent Chemical Termite Barriers

Non-repellent barriers like Premise and Termidor are the newest and most effective form of chemical warfare against termites. Instead of simply keeping termites from entering your home, the slow-acting chemicals in non-repellent barriers allow exposed termites to travel back to the colony where they will eventually infect and kill other termites. Non-repellent Termite barriers are professionally applied to the soil through deep trenches and holes drilled through concrete, and they are typically more Environmentally friendly termite barriers than other chemical treatments.


  • Extremely effective; kills entire colonies in 1-3 months
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Won’t wash away because of irrigation or rain
  • Most treatments last 5 to 8 years depending on soil type

Repellent Chemical Termite Barriers

Repellent barriers work by creating a chemical barrier that prevents termites from entering your home. Unlike non-repellent chemical barriers, this type of treatment is completely detectable to termites; they will turn away from your home once they sense it. During treatment, chemicals are pumped into the soil surrounding your house to create an impenetrable barrier. Correctly applied by a professional, these products are effective Emergency treatments for active termites.


  • Treatment lasts up to 3 years
  • Works quickly

Chemically Impregnates Blanket Termite Barriers

Our Bundaberg pre construction termite barriers are chemical termite barriers in a non-soil matrix installed during the construction of a home. These blanket barriers such as Kordon are treated with a chemical termiticide and positioned between the concrete slab and external wall frames and extends across the wall cavity to the outside face of the brick perimeter. All service pipe penetrations protruding through the concrete slab are also protected with the blanket being wrapped around each individual pipe. The blanket system is designed to stop termites gaining access to the dwelling through concealed entry points, forcing them to the visual inspection zone around the perimeter of the dwelling.


  • Will last the design life of the house
  • Annual renewable warranties are available subject to annual inspections
  • No ongoing costs for chemical re treatments
  • Environmentally friendly

To be truly effective, termite barriers should be installed by a professional. Talk to Suresafe Pest Management for friendly advice as to what termite barriers will work for your home.

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