Termite Inspections

Why do I need a termite inspection?

Peace of mind that you are protecting your investment.

Termites are a like a time bomb waiting to go off.  1 in 3 homes in the Bundaberg region have been infected by termite activity.  Damage caused by termites as a whole far exceeds that of damage caused by fire, flood and cyclones combined.  The average cost to repair the damage caused by termites is approximately $10,000 but could be much more if there is significant damage to the structural integrity of the building.

The other main reason is that termite damage is not covered by household insurance.  So if your home is damaged, you will be forking out for the repair bill. SureSafe Pest Management offers an insurance warranty based on, recommendations carried out and annual termite inspections.

Pre-purchase inspections

Are you buying an existing home? It pays to know that the home you are buying is a safe & sound investment, whether it’s part of your investment portfolio or the one your family will ultimately live in. If you require finance for your purchase, your lending institution will need a termite inspection to be carried out.

Annual inspections

If left unchecked, termites can cause major damage to your home within 12 months.  Home owners can become complacent and overlook general house keeping to prevent termite infestation. Australian Standards and Suresafe Pest Management recommends having your home inspected regularly to prevent major damage. We generally provide annual termite inspections for our customers.

What is involved?

A full internal and external termite inspection will take approximately 2 hours. We will need full access to the property so our inspectors can go through all rooms. We will check all rooms, roof void, subfloor area, perimeter, garden beds, fence line and any external structures present. 

What will I receive?

We will provide you with a fully comprehensive inspection report that includes information on all of the areas checked.  If we find anything that may attract termites, we will also make recommendations to prevent termite infestations.

What happens if we find active termites?

If we find any termite activity, further investigation will be carried with the use of a boroscope.  You can also rest assured knowing that our technician will provide an effective plan of action to rid your premises of termites using an effective Bundaberg termite treatment.

Call us on 07 41521 4995 to find out more about our termite inspections.

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